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Does anyone have contact with Uncle Tgt?

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Funny enough I was also about to send you an e-mail, Uncle Tgt, about the German Panther VA tank mod. It uses Lucky Strike's excellent Panther VA tricolour "rough" mod, as you mentioned in the included text file. Is there any chance perhaps that you will also do the Panther V A Early, with the skirts? From CMBO to CMAK that is?

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I was concentrating on early war winter stuff ...

I don't own CMAK, & did the mod for CMBB, but I understand the 3D model is the same for both games.

Do you want another of Lucky Strike's BO Panther mods converting, or just the one I used altering to fit the early Panther VA (complete with skirts)?


Anyway, don't forget Gurra's recent panther mods, I think they take some beating :cool:

Get them at Zimorodok's site

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Uncle Tgt, in CMBO there were two tricolour 'rough' mods of Pz V's by Lucky Strike, with the camouflage pattern as used by the 12th SS Panzer. You were so kind to convert the Pz V A, but not the Pz V A Early (with skirts). These two versions (the A and A early) use exactly the same camouflage pattern. I would appreciate it if you would consider also to convert the A early (with skirts) . I'm working on a Norrey battle and the skirts (as shown in Bernages book) would give it a nice authentic feeling. And you are right, Gurra's recent Panther mods are great.

As you will understand, UncleTgt, this is just a request, I fully understand if you have other things to do. No problem.

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