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**NEW T34/57 Model 1941 CAMOU mod!!!**

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Another Russian T34 mod people have been clamoring for:

*Russian T34/57 Model 1941 in 2-tone camou scheme*

Get it at our favorite site:


This mod compliments my earlier T34-76 M41 mods and represents a reasonably accurate T34/57 M41 with correct early-style commander's hatch, based on rare photos.

This camou scheme was a request from the board, and is meant to help distinguish the T34/57 from the T34-76 in the game. You'll note the turret markings resemble my earlier T34/57 M43 mod, and I've included an alt. turret side without markings. One of the 'fun bits' to draw was the lengths of spare tracks added to the side.

Hope you like it.

[ September 04, 2003, 10:54 AM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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Just had to post another comment since I just got through looking at it in the game. MikeyD that is one fine looking tank. Man! I don't think the detail could be any better and it's got a red star on it. That's way too cool. Love those destroyed tank things on the turret too. Really sets it off. Thanks again.

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tooz, you don't do QBs?

Not even all armor just-for-fun QBs?

You're missing out!

I've had my most fun doing weird armor combinations in strange weather conditions (a dozen Valentine IIIs vs four Brumbars in heavy fog, for instance).

Off the top of my head I can't think of a scenario that actually uses T34/57s, neither the Model 1941s or Model 1943s. They were mighty rare beasts.

[ September 05, 2003, 09:36 AM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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