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Case of the missing Andrew's Soviet Airborne Uniforms Mod...

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"I am shocked and shagrinned.....mortified and stupified.....this case is an outrage!!!"

ALRIGHT! Nobody move... Search em Fred, one of em has Andrew's Soviet Airborne uniform mod and we ain't leaving here till it drops outta someone's trousers.

ANDREW!!! Ole buddy, ole friend, ole pal-o-mine, best dang uniform modder this side of Scranton, well okay, Trenton anyway, kin ya see fit to upload yer Soviet Airborne uniform mod to the CMMOD database? The lil fellers is getting right upset at fighting in their skivies.

Please, perty please and all that. The CMBB world needs ya man. I tell ya it ain't the same. We just gotta get organized...

Andrew. Thanks man, you'z da man! ;)

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Originally posted by AstroCat:

...Oh yeah...I also could really use: AF_PARTISAN2.ZIP

I have AF_PARTISAN1.ZIP but not the second set.



Jordan "AstroCat"

There is no second set.

Partisans only go Early- to Mid-War, anyway. You could always just re-number the early war .bmps. Or just leave the stock ones, if you like a change.

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Originally posted by stikkypixie:

are there any other mods for soviet infantry?

Well there were Andrew's great sets but I can't seem to find them at CMMODS anymore. Were they lost in the crash? Since I've started from scratch again with a new computer, I'd love to get them again. :(
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I don't have to use the F5 trick anymore to log on to CMMODS. Make sure to clear your cache, and refresh. If you'd like I could upload the mods for you. Send me an email if you are interested.

Jordan "AstroCat"

Originally posted by mchlstrt:

Slightly off Topic but I still can't login to CMMODS. The F5 trick doesn't seem to work for me. I'm on a Mac. RL has been kicking my butt for a while now but I do have the Finn T-26's ready to go. Any new ideas or info would be appreciated.



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Ok, ok, ok. I'm uploading it NOW! It's a big mutha Soviet uniform mod pack which includes the airborne uniforms. No preview picture, but lots of mod goodness. Sorry to be a flake, but it's a lot more fun making new mods for CMAK than re-uploading all my old stuff... :rolleyes::D

Little by little I'll get it all posted.

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Originally posted by admidali:

Russian Infantry?


I've just downloaded it!

Airborne/Guards are VERY VERY beautiful!


The Infantry/Naval folders are empty...


I noticed that too. For the infantry and naval troops, there's only a helmet option and the read me included. The uniform bmps seem to be missing.
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Thanks Andrew, you da man.

Say now, this AF_Soviets2.zip file, ya say this includes the whole shootin match? That is, infantry, airborne, ever thing (except for the one's rumored to be missing...). I have a AF_Red_Abn1.zip file of yours with early war airborne, and a previous Soviets2 file, but I didn't think the abn were on that file. Are those mid/late war abn on Soviets2?

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