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How about a link page?

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Is there any interest to have a link page for us CM gamers.

There everyone can suggest their links.

And build a big library for all sorts of links.

Like Historical documents, modeling, vehicle specs, cm links and so on..

I modified a script and uploaded it on a server.

The url is => cmlinks.jemian.com .

If there already is such a page I'm sorry to bother you with this one to smile.gif

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Originally posted by GJK:

Hi folke,

There's some links to CM related sites on the Resources page on this site.

I also have a Reference Area at The Proving Grounds where members can add their own links for anything that a CM player/designer might want or use.

That's just the thing I looked for!

I now stand with my "silly hat[tm]" on for not looking enough :(

The proving grounds reference is the place to use..

Thanks GJK.

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I thought The Proving Grounds was just for playtesters and designers... but then I discovered there is the following plue more: </font>

  • Reference Center</font>
  • Designer Tips</font>
  • Research Area</font>
  • Opponent Finder</font>
  • Chat Room</font>
  • Victory Location Planner</font>
  • Map Section</font>
  • And somefink about a Tournament</font>

Plus I believe there are some really good fellows there (IMO)

That is all...


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