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  1. Hi, After some personal stuff I restarted working with the "cmx2db" again... And now I'm slowly creating the info for the new CM:RT units. My little question is that if someone out there had the kindness to help me out with some screenshots for the units. Sadly I have not created the upload function yet.. But if someone would like to help, I happily can take the pictures by email After that the most needed function is the "filter/search" stuff. -- Regards Falk
  2. I've updated with some search mockups. What do you think about this? Buttongroups for Country, Game/Module, Type. And this will show available subunit types (in the mock, the vehicle type is pressed) And below the selections should show up. Perhaps with a choice of sorting different, showing different info in the filtered optionss? Thoughts? -- MvH Falk
  3. All the data for CommonWelth module is now in.. And I started looking at Market Garden.. Phew, huge amount of new units.. -- Regards Falk
  4. Hi, I don't know how to calculate the cost over time and experience. That's why I didn't took the price in this stint.. But if someone out there know the formula for the price / unit.. It's doable to add. Bout the spreadsheet idea, I understand that you want it. Perhaps I can make some sort of export in the future. -- Regards Falk
  5. I dunno if this is a shameless plug for my own page But, perhaps this can be of some usage when looking up units before a game and ingame.. I just started it out, and it's really featureless so far.. It's a successor to my old (cmakDB/cmbbDB) that was lost in the "GREAT REALLIFE ADVENTURE".. All the CM:BN info is included now. And I'm now focusing on: Roadmap page, "bug report" function, "send in screenshot" function.. I think atleast The design is really simple with mobile-first interface in mind.. -- Regards Folke
  6. I'm going to fill in all the data, then go for features. I think CM:BN is first, then CW / MG. I don't own FI / GL yet, but the database is ready for those to. -- Regards Falk
  7. Like the https://www.wargamingwombat.com/list_units/2?type=vehicle but with "maingun" on the same row? -- Regards Falk
  8. Hi Erwin , Yes, when I made the cm1db'es it was easier to get/see the use of the data.. And the basic compare idea is great. Is the data available somewhere, or do you think that the community can help out to fill in the data if the function is there? -- Regards Falk
  9. Hi, Now when the Olympics is over and Sweden went up against Canada and lost.. Things can get back to usual I am working on an "encyclopedia" for units and do forth on the different CMx2 games/modules. The first try can be viewed here: http://www.wargamingwombat.com/ It is made with bootstrap as a frontend framework with "mobile first" in mind. So that you can use you mobile/tablet to browse the site when picking your units. Lots of things is still in "ToDo" but the basic is just in. Only the "vehicle" category is filled with data. And the gfx for the different "meters" a
  10. Tnx, then I don't need to search more. I wonder if the real 'stats' from vehicles and such should be of any help when doing QB's. Or how do you guys pick your units when doing a QB? -- Regards Folke
  11. Ah, then I hadn't missed anything atleast But the stats that were on every unit ingame in CMx1, is that 'hidden' from the User in CMx2? Or is it possible to collect the stats ingame and do a new "cheatcheet"? Oh, why so? -- Regards Folke
  12. Hi, I picked my first QB today and really missed some kind of stats to the units. In CMx1 there were Chris Excell doc and the sites I did with the help of them. Do you know if there are any tools for this, or are the unit-stats more 'hidden' in CMx2? Or perhaps have I missed something essential, like I usually do -- Regards Folke
  13. Hi, again I use Linux as a daily driver too, but I have GameOS on it for work relat...erh..well..you know And when I read up on the specs, it says: Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4000. (http://support.apple.com/kb/SP649) But I can always try it out and see if it works.. -- Regards Folke
  14. Well, I'm starting to pick up steam to do a CMBN buy. [EDIT] Well, bought and downloading now.. Could not wait :eek: [/EDIT] Othermeans woke my interest pick up CM again after almost half a decade plus.. When I checked out, my last post was from 2007.. The thing is, I usually play on the laptop and it's a OSX thingie with the 3 big OS'es on it. One as a daily driver, one for testing and one for... uhm games I tried the demo and it works good under OSX but not in GameOS/Win8 on the little thingie.. But I have no other OSX compatible hw in the house, and my "gaming rig" has
  15. Heh, perhaps it was like 5 years ago? Time moves fast when you are clean of a habit The bad thing about this is that I must install some kind of Windows again -- Ha Det!
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