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German translations?

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After playing a number of CM:BB scenarios, I'm getting very curious as to what the Landsers and Panzertruppen are crying out so often. In particular, during tank battles, they call out something that sounds like "Lock-laven" - WTH does that mean? ;>

I've searched the forums, and found the Russian translations. Anybody know if the Germans are out there somewhere?



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i believe theyre saying nach laden, which means reload i think or something similar. Im positive there used to be a translation on here, ill look for you.

well i found a link to it buts it doesnt exist anymore, sorry.

[ April 07, 2004, 10:49 PM: Message edited by: Beer ]

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My personal favourites are 'Treffe!'(hit!) and 'Ja, wir haben ihn!'(yes, we got 'em!), usually accompanied by the welcome sound of a T34 exploding. Unless you're playing as the Russians.

Other highlights (from the top of my head) include:

'Feindpanzer, feuer frei!' = enemy tank, fire at will

'Feindinfanterie, feuer' = enemy infantry, open fire

'Ammunition sparen' = save your ammo


Been puzzled by 'Loch-laven' since CMBO, and I reckon they're actually saying 'Lochladen'.

das Loch = hole

laden = to load

So I guess it means shell loaded or something?

What truly baffles me is what the Finns are saying- or the Hungarians..

[ April 07, 2004, 10:50 PM: Message edited by: Big Jim ]

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Thanks for all the replies - sounds like there isn't a translation list available anymore, but I'm glad to know what "nach laden" means.

I'll keep searching old forum archives, but if someone stumbles across the old German phrase translation list, please post here.



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Here're the Russian wavs. The links for the German list seem to be broken...possibly wiped out during the last "crash".

I dug it out of the "translation" search I did on the CMBB forum, which produced this link. [Kaiser Soze 71's bit].

Keep digging...I could swear that another www site has a table of all the translations...I thought it was Michael Dorosh's site, but I didn't see it there. I didn't log it into my favourites nor download it anywhere obvious.

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