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Hell of a weekend

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Hell of a weekend


Got home tired. Full time job, so I was a bit delighted to enter a new end-of-the-week.

After working for months on a campaign-system for CMBB it was about time to start with the design of some scenario's which are going to be implemented in a campaign. Told the scenario testers they would get the missions (for testing) real soon.

To make a clean start and a fast running CM I un-installed the game to reinstall it again. Now on a even faster HD.

After countless times of repeating the installation process I finally came to the conclusion that the CD-ROM had a small scratch on the surface. Nothing worked to get those files from CD. (Cleaning, Polishing, Rubbing, Vaseline, copy the installation package to the HD etc...)


Going for shopping. A new CD-ROM or maybe even the new special release. Nothing, niente, nada, helemaal niets !


My brother doesn't understand why he has to return the game I gave him a while ago.

"It's for a good cause... the customers are waiting"

The installation runs smooth. 115 MB of patches :rolleyes:

And then the screen turned to black.

Nothing seems to work. Have all the latest drivers, turning off anti alias, etc...

And then there was a XP hotfix I cannot remove.

And after all it was only a reinstallation of a game I was running every day for some time now...

How do I surpose to go without my Combat Mission ???

I'm really... really [badwords] :mad: :mad: :mad: ^@#$%^& [/badwords]

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Have you angered a wizard recently?


Bad luck, old chap. Story of my life, actually. So many things I would have done if someone hadn't put a spoke in my wheel at the last minute. Hope you get things worked out and can continue.

Just out of curiosity, do you just get the black screen with CM or is it all the time now?


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Turn off your anti virus. mcafee had me in fits for three days thinking i had a bad cd-rom drive. i kept getting weird noises from the drive, black screen, error c0000005, finally got a message saying NT "something" scanner service was having a problem and needed to close. it was part of mcafee in the background. searched the forum for mcafee and found more problems. now i turn it off first and no more problem.

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