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Most kills with a Tiger?

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Originally posted by Sivodsi:

Wow, Mr Whittman, welcome to the world of PBEM. A word of warning: playing humans can ruin AI for you. Since getting into playing 'HI' I just can't be bothered with AI in almost any game. OTOH playing humans gives this game almost infinite replayability. I still have times where my heart pumps waiting to see if a risky move pays off.

Better late than never eh? ;)
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Hi all,

A couple of days ago I just finished Rune's late war scenario Royal Opponent. If you want to play with some big cats then this is the battle for you! On the Axis side you get no less than 11 KT to play with and on the Allied side at least a dozen IS-2.

I got a 'major victory' against the AI but as always I felt this was only because of his usual inept play. He did give me a nasty surprise at the end and with 4 KT lost or abandoned and 4 others immobilized I believe the AI definitely had the edge if the battle had have continued.

Still those Kings sure are beasts and fun to play with! :D

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Axel what do you mean "ignite"? Are you still looking for a game? I've been trying to find someone to play PanzerBlitz #7 with. It is at TSD2. Take a look at it and if you want to play send me an email. I did not design it and I haven't played it. I have looked at it in the editor so feel free to look and see if it interests you. Have fun, Von Schwendeman

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Er has anyone ever seen a strange bug in CM where all your men look like stickmen (standing bolt upright) and then when you hide/unhide them they go back to normal except for accelerated head swivels. And no my men haven't been taking speed LOL.

I just received a file in my PBEM vs slysniper where this was taking place when I was setting up a turn. :confused:

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MichaelWittman is now starting the learning curve of playing against a Human,one that he is not use to playing either. Its very early in the Battle, but he has had his first big mishap.

he can share if he would like.

I am also suprised by running into enemy infantry units pretty far from his objectives, either he has a ton of infantry or I have taken him for granted that he would deploy so far from flags. But with the amount of units and the initial deployment locations, this battle could turn into a crazy shot out, with not much of what one would call a formal battle line.

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