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  1. Hi all, Well the slugfest between Sly and myself is finally over and I'm happy to report I got my first draw (54 to 46) in my favour. I knocked out 36 of his 39 tanks with 17 falling to 2 crack Panthers alone. I myself lost 15 tanks and 10 h/ts but held the hill overlooking the battlefield. We both had the same amount of infantry left although he had taken more casualties from the heavy shelling I had given him. So although not as robust as the mighty Tiger the humble Panther came through for me. Great battle George MC and thoroughly recommended.
  2. Great AAR Tux. It reminds me of the Eisen-Faust AAR by Warhawk which was sadly never finished. I hope this one gets finished eventually! Oh yeah make sure you keep that Tiger alive mate.
  3. A long time since I have posted in my thread. ****SPOILERS**** Sly and I are in our 2nd battle in Glowaczow and after a tough first battle attacking the hill I am giving Sly a very hard time defending it with my Panthers. He has taken many casualties from mainly two of my Panthers who have racked up around 15 kills between them. He still has a few enemy tanks near the hill but not nearly as many as he started with. Still this has been a brutal battle and it hasn't been decided yet...
  4. Heh and Sly is it my fault that I love beautiful German engineering re your comment about GST? OK I admit it I just like to kill the ENEMY. Thanks for the props though.
  5. Yes Crow Warrior I would be happy to continue against you or anybody I have played so far. I'm new to PBeM but as Sly can attest a challenge for young and old.
  6. I did give poor old Mntineer a bit of a whipping in my battle against him. But then Bert gave me a good old fashioned hiding in the same battle as McCobbler.
  7. His opponent was absolute ****e! Or else he got very lucky! :eek:
  8. Hi all, So there we have it eh? 29 kills with 2 Tigers against the incompetent AI but just 6 against a seasoned PBEM veteran with the surviving Tiger in the same battle. Sly said I did well with what little armour I had. Not bad for a noob. We have started another clash of arms in the above mentioned Glowaczow battles with me as the German attacker and then Sly will take me on in the inevitable Russian counterattack. I will keep you posted.
  9. No, that was my Rocket Salvo dropping right where it was needed, on your head. Your fire, is the arty on the hill top, if you have rockets I have not seen them. </font>
  10. Ah but what about rocket attacks? I just played a turn in a PBEM versus slysniper where my FO brought down a salvo on my own troops over 2 km away from the TRP I was aiming at. What gives?
  11. Hell yes I'm converted alright! I've never had so much fun before in a battle, even if the odds against me were pretty stacked from the beginning. Well done George Mc for such an entertaining battle but the best part is it's historical which is important to me. Now I'll have to check out this other scenario that has been mentioned. Perhaps it will be the next chance to test my skills versus slysniper.
  12. It's a blowtorch scenario by GeorgeMC set during Kursk (historical) and because it's a rescue mission it's very challenging. You have to rescue Col. Peiper and his forces from being overwhelmed by a superior Russian force. The first time I played it I annihilated the AI's tanks but this time it's played very different versus a human opponent. I recommend it to anyone.
  13. And the aura of Tiger invincibility comes to an end. No need to worry though. I was in for a rough ride during my first PBEM games too. I still had a blast though; losing to a human is still always more fun than stomping the AI. You learn quick from playing a human too. </font>
  14. Hi all, My first PBEM battle against slysniper is progressing well and we are both losing many tanks in the process but I'm having fun and never had as much challenge before. He's very devious but I'm holding my own and I still have an ace up my sleeve (my Tiger) but not many turns to go now. I've played 50 out of 65. I've yet to exit any troops yet though...
  15. I'm about to start an ITO scenario in Cassino which depicts the 3rd battle. This battle includes a British contingent of Churchill IVs but the BFC default look a little plain. I have got a zipset from Gordon Molek of hi-res Churchill IIIs but that is from CMBO. So modders would it be possible to use these (renumbered) for the C-IVs or wouldn't that work? The only other thing to do is use Wicky's mod mentioned above but that wouldn't work either as it is a non-snowy scenario. Ideas?
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