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Wanted: A Few Good GMs

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Combat Mission: Bears vs Tigers is a Meta Campaign set on the Eastern Front in and around the City of Aktyrkha. The Operation saw the Grossdeutchland Division face off against elements of the Russian 6th and 27 Guards Armies in a Div sized ME.

The campaign has about 12 players (6 aside) and has been up and running since Feb 03. We are going into our fourth orders iteration and have fought over 15 CM battles in the context of the over all Operation.

Link: http://www.nodejavu.com/CMBT/version5.html

Plse note the site needs updating..we've been to busy playing really.

Anyway, what we are in the market for is at least 2 Game Managers(GMs) who have experience with campaign games and can come in hot to CMBT.

As GM your duties include:

1. Orders Production Management

2. Rules clarification and rulings

3. Maintanence of OOBs

4. CM Map production

5. Wargaming the two Operational plans against each other to produce the actual battles.

We are looking for at least one Axis and one Soviet GM. This is a mature campaign with very well developed rules and orders formats. In addition most of the players have been around for the duration so we have a lot of good COs to make life a little easier. Lastly this is a simplified rules system and on a smaller scale then the CMMC series. I would estimate we are about 1/10th the size and scope of CMMC (for those who are familiar)

If you are interest please e-mail me (see profile) with some background as to your experience etc.


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