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5th Indian Div History - CMAK related

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Apologies if already posted - I came across it while researching Battle of Surabaya.


Number of chapters deal with the desert.

This quote struck me:

In the early morning rain fell heavily. And Richard Bromley Gardner noted in his diary: "A good thing; it washed the blood off our vehicles."
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I was reading about the Fifth Division after North Africa in the link you posted, and noted that they went to Iraq as a reserve formation. An interesting thing I did not know before, that this history mentions in passing, is that the Poles were in Iraq as well to guard against any German threat from the Caucasus. I guess now is not the first time for a Polish Army to be in Iraq!

These are very good links, and thanks for posting. These readings certainly show how important Indian troops were to the Allied war effort. The Fifth, for example, was sent all over which is also noteworthy.

I certainly hope Indian troops are a separate option. Certainly, if Australia and New Zealand are separated out, Indian troops should be since many more fought in the Med than did the two former.

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