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I had a chance to fool with it today. After some fooling & thinking I believe what's bugging you boils down to the way the 'rectangular' Ripple Template sits on the 'triangular' Pennant.

I semi-'trianglized' the Template & got this:


If this is helpful I can send you the PhotoShop 5.5 File I was working out of (how big is your in-box?) or the Ripple Layer or try to explain it better.

If this isn't the right track I thought about some other things, but they should be the same on your rectangular Flags, which aren't bugging you.


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I don't know exactly how big my inbox is, but AOL seems to be able to handle some pretty large files. If not, I have a back-up g-mail account that's pretty big. I just upgraded to Photoshop 7, so I'm assuming I should be able to read files written in 5.

I like the shape of those ripples very much -- they're an improvement over the ones I was using. The acid test will come when you try to display them in game, though. I'll be curious to see if the glare effect is still there. If you built the triangular ripples up from the smaller of the two ripple templates I sent you it may not be a problem. Unless there's some technical approach that you have that I don't understand.

As an aside, I don't actually know how a pennant ripples. It's not something that I'd given much thought to in the past, and it's not something that you see every day. Maybe I should hang a triangular piece of cloth out my window and watch it for a few weeks to see what happens...

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Gahh... I found an e-mail with a zip attachment in my mailbox this morning, but I don't want to open it because I don't know who it's from. I may not look paranoid, but I'm careful about what I open. The worst part is that the address looks vaguely familiar (all the more reason not to open it). A one-liner from the address that I sent my last message to would clear up a lot of confusion.

We're having a bad day here in cloud cookoo land.

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I guess PC's and Mac's really do handle color differently. At this point, as far as I can tell the CM visual engine doesn't handle the modulation of rich colors very well when run on a PC. That means the CM engine is not optimal for 18th and 19th century combat sims which use lots of interesting colors, but then we knew that anyway.

So I've taken a long hard look at the unachieved victory objective flags and convinced myself that lodencoat green is probably a better color for flags in a sim involving the opening months of WWI.

To eliminate the glare effect I've created an undercoat of offwhite grey and layered that onto my ripple template (which is a restretched section of the one that Juju uses for his flags). Even after using an undercoat and the feldgrau base color that I used on my German flags in the Semiotics mod, I still had to do some repainting, but the end result is a darker feldgrau, less rich than the flat flags shown so far in this thread, but probably more appropriate to WWII, which was a drabber, less colorful age.

Given the amount of repairs involved I think I may limit the set to the eight flags shown in an earlier post. The difference now is that they're a dark grey-green and rippled. I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.

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In all fairness I think I should say that I'm no longer so sure that CM doesn't handle rich colors well. What I am sure of is that I don't always know which buttons to push to make it handle them. After yet more experimenting I'm back to dark green flags which I like because they stand out nicely against the background (even when the background is green). I'm now using a modified version of the template mchlstrt used to make the second of the two flags that he posted. I need to do a little more testing, but the rippled pennants are finally approaching completion.

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Thanks to mchlstrt's timely assistance I was able to finish the first version of Little Semiotics, which I have posted in the CMBB section at CMMODS.

I don't have any screenshots handy, but it looks like the eight flags that I posted screenshots of earlier, only a little darker and rippled. And there are a few surprises.

Because these flags seem to look a little different on different computers, I'd be interested in feedback: if there are any unresolved visual problems I can do another version. I suspect that these flags will appear a bit darker on a Mac.

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After some more coaching by mchlstrt I managed to put ripples on three black pennants. They're a bit on the dark side, but the ripples will show in midday light.

The reason I wanted the black pennants so badly is that they were actually used.


Note the pennant with the fasces under the fine young fascist attacking the Communist polar bear.

To distinguish this from yesterday's upload to CMMODS I'm calling this version 1.5 as opposed to 1.0. To reward the patience of those who download this twice I've included a jpeg of the polar bear and my private versions of the German and Soviet national flags made to historically correct proportions.

If enough people feel that the black pennants are too dark I will make lighter versions of them.

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I didn't really want to do any modding for the Warsaw Ghetto because I'm not very comfortable with the subject matter. But I've noticed that there is more than one scenario about the uprising so I've made a small mod pack with a victory flag (blue and white Irgun bicolor), a hidden unit marker, an interface small unit flag and an unachieved objective flag.

I've included some notes on my attempt to develop an introductory music mod to go with it, an attempt which, unfortunately, I had to abandon. If the Western Wind ever gives me a full MP3 of their rendition of Avinu Malkeinu, I'll finish the sound mod.

The new mod has been posted at CMMODS in the CMBB section.

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