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Both flanks exposed here.

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Let me make my point then i'll introduce myself.

I've just started playing & I've already got feature requests (really making friends here).

I was wondering if there was anyway to record the whole of the action segments of a battle?

As a newbie if i could have a record of the game from both sides it would enable me to check on my assumptions for exposure, LOS etc.

It would also just be great of itself, being able to go back & spectate your old conquests. I'm convinced i'll get one one day. Oh yes.

It seems from the structure of the game that it renders the scene internally before it displays it, no doubt throwing the die on that AP ricochet. So outputting to a file should be no problem. Just a guess of course.

Also when the forums start hotting up you could link to a portion of replay to prove (or not) your point.

So, introduction.

I've been interested in the wargaming community for quite a while. But only, you know, anthropologically. I was glad it was there, in the same way that I'm glad that there is a guy somewhere who home built a 1:10 scale working Ferrari in his garage. And that the guy is married.

But I've never wanted to move around hexes. I've always been interested in the challenges that the era and combat present but there were too many layers of abstraction for the MTV generation. One that really hooked me though was the Close Combat series.

And the thing that i really like about CM2BB is: you've got to play it so differently from CC. All the things that I didn't like about CC are resolved here. If you flank here, then FLANK. It's no use getting 60o seperation, you've got to turn the enemy. You can't send a squad off, unsupported, for a reccee. They won't like it. They won't do the job.

So: I'm still learning but this game has really captured me. I'll look forward to fleeing from some of you in the near future.

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The full movie playback is a long-requested feature. BTS is aware of our desires and have yet left us unfulfilled. They did state it was something wanted to get too in CMBB (but ran out of time).

Welcome. Both BO and BB are stellar games. Haven't bought another game for myself since pre-ordering BO. At US45 it is a steal!

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hey, thanks for the swift response. guess that's what they mean by an active community.

so if they're aware of the playback feature, how about something to either draw contour lines or multiply the Y axis? it's difficult to spot...you know what, forget it. i'll just play for a while before i start complaining about things that may affect gameplay. it certainly shows you how important a good eye for terrain was in the real world.

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