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It would be nice to see more variable rates of fire for weapons in future editions of CM.

As I understand it, the main limiting factor to practical rate of fire is heat - guns don't work too well if they get too hot. I realise that this is modelled in CMBB, with the increase in jam chance in hot weather, but it's restricted to MGs and is a little crude.

You could have a little heat measure for support weapons that cools over time depending on the weather conditions.

If you could also have a distinction between rapid and sustained fire, you could trade this off against stopping for a bit to allow weapons to cool off.

I keep finding myself wishing that I could intensify fire on an enemy position to cover movement, and there isn't really any way of doing this at present.

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The heat measure would also represent the different MGs a bit better, as the the MG34/42 would stop firing every so often to change barrels. They would have multiple 'heat reserviors' to represent multiple barrels, which could be lost like ammo can be now.

Water cooled weapons, like the Vickers, would have a higher cooling rate, or a greater heat capacity, or some combination of the two.

Ordering some weapons to rapid fire for too long might cause rounds to cook off (might be nasty with a sIG 33, although I'm not sure if this is how it really works)

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