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Problem with armor purchases

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I experianced a problem with armor pur.before I installed the 1.02 patch.When I generated a qb and purchased 4 or 5 tanks one or more would be missing.I have'nt played the game much so I took it as somekind of AI thing like my tanks were to much for the AI forces and it pared my forces down.But I just tried two QB's with 1.02 with pure armor me choosing the forces.It was July 1941 central front me as axis.I choose four pz38te's and a pz111g and four bt-5's and a bt-7 for the russian's.When I started the game I had two pz38's and the pzIII.I still kicked their butt's.Then I used the same setting's but changed to a soviet attack.I choose the same force but upgraded to a pzIIIh.I gave the russian's four bt-7's and one t-34/40.When the game started I had two pz38's that's all.The ai had the force I purchased for it.This seem's to be a problem,as you can tell,is this normal or what?As I said it happened in v1.01 also.Has anybody else had this problem?

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