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German tank v. tank tactics advice

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In one particular unnamed scenario I was playing a meeting engagement in the steppe in summer 1942 (yes advancing near the Chir.....

So this is the deal... half tracks with infantry but mostly Pz IIIH and PzIIIJ, a few Stug IIIF and Pz IVF 2(and tank useless Pz IVF1). It's rather open step slight rolling hills and you are confronted by borg spotting capable T-34/42's (many of them) tankettes, T-70s coming from two major directions... you initially start out over a km apart...the problem is your IIIJs only have a few tungsten and IIIF and IVF2 are too few in number....and the distances are large such that the T-34's can reach out and touch you while you can't touch them (moreover your IIF and IVF2s don't appear till mid game....) How do you handle this...how did the Germans handle these situations and score such dramatic success with the PzIIIs

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If you can't win the shootout, then don't try. That means your options are hide behind a hill a wait for the reinforcements or charge. Neither is nice, but charging is better in my opinion. At 1 KM range, there's not much chance of them hitting a speeding tank, so charge, close the range, halt and then fight on equal terms.

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I agree with Tigrii; early on ,the Germans relied on tactics to overcome superior Russian tanks. I havnt got my CMBB copy yet, But from what I understand, the Russian crews arent that great early on. Charging is probably your best bet, as has already been said, hits at that range would be unlikely. Get in close and swarm..expect to take losses, but it is the only way.

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Seems like the choices are:

- charge aka bum rush

- hide, wait for reinforcements

may i suggest that if your troops have molotovs or grenades, then see if you can try to ambush the russian tanks. I killed a Tiger once with a squad + hq troops, rare but possible.


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