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  1. I did a search of the forum but didn't come up with anything on this: in Fortress Italy is there a line of sight tool similar in function to the CMx1? (also a curiosity question... how in the world did I become a senior member?)
  2. Ah glad to help... by the way two further questions came to mind... can you use heavy bombers to supply an army? and as supply goes down does mobility/action points go too?
  3. actually... shouldn't mobility go down as supply goes down (e.g. starving or no fuel)
  4. yeah but the Japanese were pretty good at marching! maybe there should be like a fitness rating... y'know like a city slickers type of army and then a country boys type one.
  5. Ok so I'm playing against the AI at the moment and it's mid 1942 and I'm still slugging it out (as Axis against China). I just took Sian and Chungking but that fort at the top is still holding out... what's the secret to taking out china by 1941? You still have to invest in research and sea, naval landing units etc. to battle the U.S. and take over Indonesia later on? Are many of you doing the hit with one unit then move the unit away and then move another unit into that space and attack (which I think is kind of gamey)?
  6. yep the computer is. I think it's interesting also to put a submarine in the path of a convoy route and then slap a battleship in a non-raider mode on either side and see the destroyers run into it.
  7. Production question: Is there a MPP savings if I produce a unit with the upgrades vs. producing the unit and upgrading later? Also what about repairing a unit then upgrading, vs. upgrading then repairing a unt.... Suggestion: I think there should be a command where two adjacent land units can switch places (relief in place) with some retention of entrenchment (this is because they basically move into their fox holes, trenches etc.). e.g. An army (entrenched at 3) switches place with an entrenched corps (fortified at 4). Neither army or corps can do anything else that turn.
  8. Hmmm my subs seem to have sunk a few transports...
  9. well i thought maybe slapping a heavy bombers up there as recon to spot transports heading to the UK?
  10. Is there a way to transfer air groups... e.g. lets say I'm german and I want to put a group onto iceland... I can't ship it on a transport can I (operate won't work and it won't be in range of flying). Conan
  11. would it be safe to presume that the scenarios can't port over from one version to another (in particular - global and wwI)...and that the engines are too different? Conan
  12. Ok still slightly confused... So the WWI game doesn't enable me to do the Pacific or fully do WWII (does it have like the WWII units that would be present in Global or the Patton drives East etc.)? however for the Global, does that still give me the capability to do things that were in like Patton Drives East, or european only maps etc.? Conan
  13. I'm a bit confused as to which strategic command to get. I like the idea of playing WWI but I also would like to play WWII European theater or even the globe. Does WW1: the Great War 1914-1918 with the 1939 expansion do that? What is the difference between Global conflict and the Great War or something like Patton drives east... which is the most up to date and advanced game engine? Is the Global Conflict version something that is now in its final form (i.e. no more patches, not being worked on etc.). Conan
  14. So we hear alot of about hitting a Panther on its sides because it is weak there. Sometimes I get a feel that it's a specialty tactic unique to the German tanks. By this I mean was the side armor on German tanks much much weaker to the front armor, in comparison to the Allied tanks front and side difference? For example, on a Sherman HVSS would you want to also try to maneuver for a flank shot on it. I can imagine the StuG III, PzIVG or Hetzers with the 75 L/43 might start having trouble with the fronts of some of the allied tanks later in the war. what would they try to do? Oddly enou
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