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If the front armor stops its round, then fire one round and back up, turning as you do so. Not in place )in real life you can, if you have tracks with individual reverse etc. In CM, stationary rotation it too slow). When the gunner has reloaded, short halt and fire again, even if only half finished with the movement.

If he can penetrate with a hit regardless, just fire and get him first.

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I like JasonC's answer. Indeed, he has just given me a new tactic: reverse movement as rotation. (Wasn't rotation faster in CMBO?).

Of course, both rotating, and movement-as-rotation, assumes your command delay is not too large. Otherwise...there is no choice.

Now a RL or game mechanic additional question(s): Does rotation affect fire accuracy (of the firing/rotating AFV) while it is occuring? Does gyro-stabilization help with maintaining accuracy while rotating?

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