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Please help to identify...

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....this Tank. ( Knocked out T-34 and Valentines in Region of Rzhev, 1942. The one in the right front corner of the photo. Is it also a Valentine, what type ? And what type of Valentine is the one in the background ? )

Found the photo on this great russian website: 1939-1945.net while searching for sources for the Eichenbaum.org Forum.

* The Battle for Berlin

* Lend Lease Automobiles

* German prisoners of war

* Merry hunting in eastern Europe

* The combat employment of heavy bomber TB-E. Part 1

* The combat employment of heavy bomber TB-E. Part 2

* Armor Battles on the Eastern Front 1941 - 1945

......and much more! Great photo galleries and very interesting illustrated Articles !

If you can't read russian, you'll need: Babelfish Translation Service

Regards, Sven

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I can't be sure of the one in front, but the one in back looks like a Valentine Mark VIII or IX. I based that on the position of the gun in relation to the turret front.

Here are some good pics of a Mark IX Valentine. Note how low the 6pdr sits in relation to the turret front.

Now compare that with the earlier version Mark III armed with the 2pdr. That gun is located in the center of the turret front.

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Originally posted by Andreas:

are you sure about the placing and timing? The Val in the background looks like it has a 6-pdr gun, which would maybe be too early for the Rzhev area. The same picture is in 'SS Steel Storm', and there is attributed to the 1943 Ukraine battles.

Not really sure about the timing or the place, sorry, I just translated the russian text with Babelfish...

Thanks a lot for your answers gentlemen! smile.gif

Regards, Sven

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