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Life and Fate

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by Vasily Grossman. A massive novel set in Stalingrad, released in the 60's by a Soviet war correspondent, who spent time in the trenches. 800+ pages, apparently modeled after War and Peace. Banned by the Soviet regime, and smuggled out of the USSR via microfiche to the West.

Hard to find at the moment, but I see that it is being re-released in paperback in May. I think I'll reserve a copy on Amazon.

Anybody familiar with this book?

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Its not centered on Stalingrad totally more its set al over a Russia with an immense cast during the time of the Stalingrad battles. I wholly recommend this novel for anyone who has an interest in Russia during WW2.

Also Anthony Beavor has just written a book all about the Author and his time as a Russian war journalist during WW2. Another fantastic book.

Other novels I'd recommend are.

Siege: A Novel of the Eastern Front, 1942 by Russ Schneider



Stalingrad by Theodor Plievier ( Not in print anymore but you can buy it secondhand from Amazon its well worth it)


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Yes, a great novel, considered by many to be the best of the Soviet-era "socialist realism school" novels.

My wife and I read it aloud to each other, evenings and car trips, over about a year or so, and enjoyed it immensely.

A new autobiographical work covering Grossman's role in the war, "A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army, 1941-1945" was published just recently, to very good reviews.

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