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Something strange happened in a game I am currently engaged in. I'd lost sight of a jeep just as it drove over a hill so up pops the tag. A few rounds later (at the beginning of the view) I was flipping through tags and noticed that the status of the jeep had changed. It said bogged. During the course of the round, it changed from bogged to immobile to abandoned. Is this a glitch or what? I shouldn't be receiving that sort of info!

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The best I've had is being locked to an enemy AFV going down a road, as it disappeared from view the lock wasn't lost, and my POV moved to where it went.

Never worked again for me though.

The most abused glitch in the game is the ground type display under a unit goes blank if the unit is destroyed. Mainly used for seeing if you really did kill that AT gun.

Don't know how I'm going to live without it in Cmx2.

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