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Scenario Depot v2 Release Date - June 6, 2004

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The Scenario Depot is finally going live!

After a tremendous amount of work, strenous testing, and copious amounts of beer and bad words, The Scenario Depot v2 will be going live on Sunday, June 6, 2004.

So that you can read up on the new layout, features, and enhancements, you can download The Scenario Depot Usage Guide from the following URL:

Scenario Depot Usage Guide (PDF) (2.6 Mb)

Here is a brief list of SOME of the enhancements implemented at The Scenario Depot:

* Featured Battles, Operation, and Maps - Near the bottom of the main page, you'll see a short list of randomly selected battles, operations, and maps. These are generated each time you load the main page, as is simply intended to pique interest in older scenarios.

* Shorter Synopses - Those players wishing to know the absolute minimum about a scenario prior to playing it can now safely do so. Players wishing to know the full details can simply click the More Details button to display a new window which contains all of the battle or operation specifics. Maps do not require this feature.

* Updated Date - Battle, operation, and map synopses now show when the author updated the scenario. This does not necessarily mean that they updated any associated file, but only that the details within the database have been changed.

* More Exhaustive "Other Battles" Lists - The right column on each battle, operation, and map synopsis now displays the complete list of CMBO/CMBB/CMAK battles/operation/maps published by the author.

* Updated/Submitted Dates - You can now see when a battle, operation, or map was submitted, and when it was last updated.

* Edit Reviews - Reviewers may now return to their review and modify the values, including text and/or numeric values, if author permitted. This includes editting the spoiler portion of the review, as well.

* Review Spoilers - Reviewers can now add detailed spoilers to their reviews, and have them displayed only if the reader clicks a button.

* Author File Uploads - Authors now have the option of uploading and attaching battle, operation, and map files at the time they post the synopsis.

* Author-Selectable Review Types - Authors may now choose to elicit numerical, textual, both numerical and textual, or no reviews for their battles, operations, or maps. They may make this choice at time of posting, as well as any time after posting, through the Authors Only menu option. What this means is authors who put no stock in numerical ratings can simply receive textual feedback regarding their work. This option can be activated or deactivated on a per-scenario basis (not per review), and as often as desired by the author.

* Hide Detailed Reviews - If authors opt to receive text-based reviews, they may also opt to show the entire review on the synopsis page, or force the reader to click a button, which will display a pop-up window. This can alleviate spoilers within reviews. This option can be activated or deactivated on a per-scenario basis (not per review), and as often as desired by the author.

* Author Selectable Labels for Numeric Reviews - This enhancement enables authors to choose their own field labels for numerical reviews. Thus, if an author does not want the stock label for "Force Balance", they may instead use whatever category they believe is relevant. This feature will be on a scenario-specific basis. Of course, the default "stock" labels will always be available.

* Biography Editting - Authors can update their biographies.

* Historical Reviews - If historical reviews (which used the previous review system) exist, then those reviews can be read by the click of the "Historical Reviews" button. Reviews which used the previous system may no longer be posted.

* Search Scenarios by Reviewer - Got a favorite reviewer? You can now search battles, operations, and maps by the reviewer's name.

* Search Historical Reviews - You can seperately search for scenarios based on particular historical or current reviews.

* The Lists - The Lists no longer use the numerical rating system to compare one scenario against another. Each individual battle, operation, and map review stands on it's own, and the cumulative rating system has been abolished. The Lists currently show battles, operations, and maps submitted within the last 30 days, Top 20 Downloads, and Top 20 Reviews Submitted in the Last 30 Days.

* Database Changes - Adjusted the lengths of various database fields to allow more data.

* Field Length Enforcement - All fields which allow variable length data, such as text fields, now have their maximum lengths enforced. Text areas now show how many chracters you have remaining to enter (requires that your browser allows Javascripts).

* Submission Form Changes - Review and Scenario Submission pages now have additional field validation which enforces type and quantity of data being entered.

* User Accounts - The Scenario Depot now supports user accounts. You must log into your account to perform the following tasks:

Submit a battle, operation, or map.

Submit a review.

Edit a battle, operation, or map you previously submitted.

Edit your profile.

Access the Author's Only section.

* Stay Logged In - You can either log in for a single session, or stay logged in (requires that your browser allows cookies) between sessions.

* Banning - The Scenario Depot now has the capability to ban users who submit malicious or abusive reviews, submit bogus battles, operations, or maps, or anyone who detracts from the general CM communities' ability to enjoy this site. Please read our Acceptable Use policy.

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