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To bad most are communist propaganda-pictures and it's a communist propaganda-site. Nothing much to learn from. The written stuff however has some nice information and indicates that the sovjets were preparing for war sinds the late 30's. And were even preparing for an attack on Germany as it would be silly to wait for the Germans to come.

A lott of the known communist BS with a little of information.

And as we all know the European Counsel his spoken out this week about the 95 million killed by communism. And that the communists and socialists in the European Councel succeeded in stopping the plans to make memorials en change history lessons in the schools.

A new example of "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".

Just my 2 cents

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Many goodies there, some of which I have in a book I own (in English) on Russian war photography. Pavlov's House says it all, but the combat shots have a presence and immediacy which just reaches out and grabs you.


As someone who spent over a decade working to keep the Russians on their side of the fence and who read Solzhenitsyn, I fully grok the incredible

slaughter wrought by communism. That said, while in an ultimate sense all the pictures are propaganda (serve the interests of the State), there is much there of value, and lots of those pictures were paid for in blood, having been shot in combat, not carefully posed after the fact.


John Kettler

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