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Fun and Realism, a happy medium?

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As it says on the Battlefront website their 'unique games offer depth, replayability, historical accuracy, original gameplay ­ and most of all, fun!'

All commendably and excellently true but it has to be said that sometimes realism isn't much fun, certainly not when a hard fought PBEM game of several weeks standing is suddenly decided by random factors, such as friendly aircraft fire or bogging.

I know all the arguments for and against this and accept both equally, so why not have realism levels like FOW levels in future versions that lower the chances of bogging and other negative stuff. It'd preserve the fun factor for relatively casual WW2 strategy gamers and still give the hardcore grogs the super realistic experience they want. Everyone's happy.

I know its probably been suggested before but what the hell. It's quicker to type a new thread than search through so many interesting and distracting threads.

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On the other hand (ladder players wont agree with this) :

What if there has been a long struggle between the two sides and your opponent has the definite upper hand . He has three AFVs vs your single AFV. It looks like you're a dead duck , but then one of his tanks bog and your chances increase.....voila fun factor increases for you.

This type of discussion has recently been had in another thread , I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

Check out the "Has luck replaced skill " thread.


The lucky swede

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IMHO excesive bogging is only a problem if you use overly heavy tanks on a regular basis.

The last thing I'd want is for CMBB to replicate those other awful WWII games which rely on hit-points and fast mouse action.

As has already been said, for the sake of gameplay, and perhaps other reasons, we have been spared the frustrations that commanders had to face in reality, such as breakdowns and other regular mechanical failure.

IMO the balance is right, let's not dilute it any more.

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Originally posted by wwb_99:

Trying to avoid excessive bogging is easy--dont use move fast for heavy tanks in bad terrain. Move is alot more forgiving.

Yes, but if you move "fast" won't you get out of that poor terrian quicker and time of your chance of bogging is reduced?
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