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Cresting a hill..

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Originally posted by Der Kuenstler:

Lets say your armor is about to crest a hill to meet enemy armor. Is it best to:

a) Button your tanks to protect the commander, or

B) Leave tanks unbuttoned so the commander can spot and target the enemy quicker?

Depends. If you have LOS to the enemy tank with another unit, you should target the tank with your tanks, give your tanks an armored cover arc in the precise direct of the enemy tank, then button up and roll forward. You will pick the enemy tank up just as quickly as if you were unbuttoned.

If you're sure the enemy tank is in a given position, but do not have LOS to him (in other words all you see is a generic tank icon), I'd probably keep your boys unbuttoned if you have a russian tank, buttoned if you have a german tank (kraut optics pick up targets more quickly).

If you know an enemy tank is somewhere off in the distance without any real certainty as to his whereabouts, keep your tanks unbuttoned to help speed up the targeting process.

The key thing to remember is that when you're buttoned, your LOS is hindered all around except in the precise direction your gun is pointing.

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I would say definitely unbuttoned to acquire targets faster. When the threat is armor and you can be penetrated, rapid pick up of targets is critical. Snipers are annoying when they get a TC but not nearly as lethal (often they aren't there, usually when they are they just button you, a tank without its TC is hurt but still alive, etc).

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Crest a Hill in armour?

ONLY if I got good intell on the other side from my Inf screen. Any othertime hilltops usually get swept clean by some unseen ba$tard ATG or BIG gunned armour lurking in the wings..

My armour usually follows the lower depressions.

(flow like a river) is the old saying If I recall...

Great to sneak a Spotter/marksman into some cover if it exists though.

And as said previous keep them unbuttoned whenever possible.

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