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Playing Winter wondeland?

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It's a scenario on the CD.

Does anyone have any advice on how to play the Germans in this one? I've played it four times hotseat (twice as Russians, and twice as Germans), and every time the Germans rout down the hill.

For the uninitiated, it consist of a weakened vet. German company assaulting a weakened green Russian company strung out along a ridge of about 500 metres in the dark, with deep snow, and a blizzard in the winter of 41. The Russians have foxholes and the only terrain are sparse patches of forest, which hug the road, that tops the ridge.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Moving with short visibility is dangerous. Incoming nearby will panic troops in the open. If they are bunche dup, all will root. A frontal assault will lead to defeat.

Try to spread your forces. Recce by fire near supected locations - maybe you see the foxholes while the Soviets can't id your troops yet.

Try to id a flank, then hit that flank with waves and roll up the line



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