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Wss winter pack 3 problem.. (Andrewtf)

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Hi all

i've just installed Wss winter pack 3 from Andrew tf (excellent work indeed),but i've noticed that HQ units (platoons and company) don't have now the right arm with the same pattern than the other(left).

So ,i've platoon hq with right arm in oak leaf summer pattern :eek: , company Hq with right arm in feldgrau pattern with the "edelweiss", instead of white :confused:

The others units are all white without problem ,and even the Hq platoon/company have torsos and left arm with the right white pattern,only right arm is wrong... :mad: .. is there any conflict with BMP numbers or ?

Help PLZ :D

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Mike, thx for ur answer ,but my problem in Andrewtf's mod is with Waffen SS mountain units ,not Heer mountain units ;) , i think they don't have the same BMPS smile.gif

Bmps numbers of andrewtf mod ,begin with 59xxx as a winter add, i presume :confused:

i know, it's just a detail, but i thought it's important for the design of the game tongue.gif

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Your right I missed that completely.

OK WaffenSS mountain breakdown for BN/CO HQs:

set 1 R arm:(5)9110

L arm:(5)9193

set 2 R arm:(5)9114

L arm:(5)9194

set 3 R arm:(5)9114

L arm:(5)9195

So whatever is missing you can make up the difference with a simple copy and rename.


[ March 11, 2003, 04:37 PM: Message edited by: MikeT ]

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OK i've checked the bmps and now ,if Co/Bn HQs are fixed , one more time, there is a a bug with the PLATOON HQ , they always display the same right arm ,with oak leaf pattern redface.gif

so what is the number of this :mad: :mad: bmp?

Wss winter pack 1 and 2 work nice ,only the third pack has this problem :confused:

plz i'm getting mad tongue.gif

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Originally posted by Beorix:

found it !

bmp 59201 has fixed the problem smile.gif

one more time, i would to say : thx Andrewtf for ur fantastic(and realistic) work on uniforms.

I just hope cmmos for it, now :D

Can you please repeat(step by step) what you did to fix the problems ? I am a bit confused on what to do. Thanks ;)
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Hi all

Yes Andrew, bmp 59201 wasn't included in ur Wss winterpack (even in Wss winter pack 1 and 2 , but no problems appeared on these first packs).

I think this was the problem of the right arm of WSS mountain HQ platoon.

Stingray, to have the right arm of these units, the same pattern than the other left ,just copy an arm bmp(for example 59113 , white side parka left? arm ) ,and rename it 59201 ,it works nice , i've tried all the units concerned, and didn't find an error ,including cavalry, infantry and mech units.

Tell me if u find a bug, but i hope this would help anyone who had this little problem. smile.gif

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I dl everthing like a squirrel hoarding nuts, but I've been so caught up in working on Mods that I haven't gotten around to Moddin' up BB yet. I had a stray Cap .bmp I was trying to identify so I went into your files looking for a match. While I was in there (41 Heer) I of course took a close look at your Work, for the first time in quite a while. Well, I was stopped in my tracks by how good it's gotten, especially considering how good it started out. I can't imagine what more I'd want from a Mod (not that I DON'T want more, I just can't imagine what it would be, so don't hold back on my account). Not trying to get my nose into your private areas, it's just nice to be able to say something this positive about anything.


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