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Canned Scenarios For Ladder Play

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It's probably worth pointing out that equal in points, equal in forces, and good for ladder play are three things that aren't really closely related. It's entirely possible to balance even a lopsided historical situation by suitable application of handicap points - unfortunately, not many designers seem aware of that. Also, if one side is attacking, it's entirely reasonable that they might have a force advantage to make up for the fact that the burden of attack is upon them - or if the attacker has other advantages (see Golzow for a good example), it may be appropriate for them to have FEWER points.


Now, to answer your question.....

B&T-Fall Blau is probably a good choice. It's a real test of skill with VERY even forces. It suffers just a little in the fun department, but it's very competitive.

B&T-Izyum Diet Plan is well balanced, I think, but there is some air power involved.

South of Heaven is well balanced in my opinion as well, with TONS of tactical options for both sides. There's air present there too, though.

I could probably come up with more, but just look at the Scenario Depot. B&T scenarios tend to be first-rate, but check the Depot on balance - being sure to take the conclusions with a grain of salt - because not all are designed to be balanced for competitive play. The best indication is if everybody agrees that it's unbalanced, but can't agree on which side is favored. ;)

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Well the current RD tournament battle (I think its midsummer madness) is very even for both sides. About the same number of infantry making its way through the Prypet marshes. Both sides are also equidistant from their objectives and must cross over bridges or use the 20 assault boats to get to their destinations. Whoever moves the fastest and sets up position first has a huge advantage. As the tournament is mirror play I can say both sides have the ability to get to there objective if they move efficiently.

Worth checking out.

All best


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