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Dirty Tiger I mods...

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Originally posted by Bergerbitz:

Hmm...is that an early, mid or late Tiger? I found a nice one for the early Tiger I by Gautrek, but nothing by Mr. Molek.

I could look again...

..unless you want the Gautrek one.

Yes this one seemed to have got missed by a lot of people when it was first released. :D

But i'm glad you like it.

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Originally posted by Herr Kruger:

Hey guys,

I think they were done by Gordon Molek, but I could be wrong. They had the Nazi flag draped over the rear of the turret and were dirty, muddy, and dusty.

Yes I use that one, its great. I cant find where i got it from but if Gordon doesnt answer I will make it available to you in 12 hours (when I get home from work) on my site.
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Thanks for the replies. Sorry about not being specific about early, mid, late but I assumed everyone would know which mod I meant. I loved these dirty Tigers when they came out. I don't actually use CMMOS, as my HD is small, my processor is weak, and with the new format of using zips to swap out the bmps, it takes a long time on my system to switch between things. I can probably download that CMMOS version and pull out the bmps I want, but if I found a non-CMMOS version that would be better.

I don't think I've seen gautrek's Tiger though. I do like his mods, and he helped me a lot when I made my own mod...

J Kruger

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why is it that when things go wrong the go wrong all at once.

I think i have sorted out the problem that some where having with this mod.For some reason the side bmp had become corrupted when i re uploaded this mod with the new flag.

So stupid me thought the problem was my new bmp so i have redone this a couple of times.But this turns out being ok.

I have now uploaded a corrected version that works ok.

And now i am having email problems so i may or may not have managed to email this to those who have been in contact with me. redface.gif

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Herr Kruger

Did you want that grey Tiger (with flag) done by Gordon? I hope Gordon can get around to editng these to CMAK as the bmp's dont quite match up. Its a great mod of the Tiger.


and is available from www.combatmisson.com Its also in cmmos format so you have to edit the file names to those of CMBB if you dont use CMMOS

[ May 18, 2004, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: Pud ]

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