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  1. What has worked for me in the past is to update the game during an order phase. If your turn has the turn play first, watch it then save the game and update. If you give orders first update the game then you should be set.
  2. I have also had this happen in both CMFR and CMCW.
  3. Final drive gear sprocket does not rotate on the M60A1 while moving. I have not looked at the rest of the M60 series to see if they do or not.
  4. Richard, I have had this happen before. If you have any mods installed try removing them. If that does not work try reinstalling. The last time I ran into this problem I believe it was a bad install with one or more brz files missing.
  5. When selecting a spotter who has called in a mission there is no visual reference to the targeted area. Not sure if this is a bug or something has changed on how plotted barrages are shown. This was playing the on to Berlin campaign, first mission. Correction it seems I have a bad install on my computer. I tried a new install on my wife's computer and all is fine. Well other than the fact my wife wants to know why I am installing CM on her computer.
  6. Soviet infantry tactics in World war II by Charles c sharp. This is from combat regulations of 1942 but I think it is a good start.
  7. You have to give it a move order to cross the river. It is better to use a gradual bank and not a steep one.
  8. I am glad it helped Glenn. When you get further into the scenarios another thing I like to do is give HQ units a covered arc out to 50-100 meters so they don't expose themselves to enemy fire.
  9. What worked for me was to set up a base of fire with half of the infantry and tracks on the brow of the ridge. After establishing fire on the far bank and Identifying soviet positions I moved the rest up behind the tree cover and dismounted the infantry on the near bank to take the soviets under fire. Once they had established themselves in the woods I brought the rest forward. The 250/10 was used from the high ground to snipe at the mortar first and then any other spotted units.
  10. That is the schedule for Slitherine's release date on steam. It was stated earlier that battlefronts release date is still scheduled for sometime in April.
  11. You know Mikey if anything happens to Charles before release and the game is late your in trouble. A van load of members will likley come hunting you down.😉
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