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SUGGESTION: Line of sight

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tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif Please Please Please tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif

I would love a LOS tool to be incorporated in the next patched version of CMBB.

The tool is not a line but a circle. The centre point is where the line of sight relates to. You click on any spot and the circle moves to that point. All visible LOS from that point would be colored in the usual color for the LOS tool. You might get a star burst effect, with all the "blind spots" spots clearly seen. You can increase the size of the circle using the mouse wheel, or similar keystroke.

This would be especially handy if you placed the COV (circle of vision) infront of a moving target, say where you expect it to be in 1 or 2 turns time, inorder to get your men ready for an ambush.

Thanks in advance


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This came up long ago when CMBO first came out. The answer was that basicly a real commander in WWII wouldn't have this feature and the only way that LOS could be determined from a particular point on the battlefield would be to go there and have a look around. All part of the realism thing you see. As you know you actually can do this now by using Ctrl+left click to go to a spot then rotate down to ground level and turn a circle and have a look.

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Rory -

I think the concept of having an LOS "Circle of Vision" rather than a "Line of Vision" tool is interesting. Most players learn pretty quickly that LOS is VERY important and spend lots of time dragging the LOS tool around the maps to check what various units can and can't see. It would certainly be a time saver during the orders phase.

However, I do not agree that the player should be able to check LOS from a point on the map other than where he presently has a unit. I consider it a *good* thing that the only way to know for sure what LOS is from a given point in space in CM is to actually move a unit there and have it look around. This strikes me as quite realistic. After all, a Real World commander can only get a general idea of what LOS might from a given point by looking at elevations & c. on a map. The only way he can know for sure what can be seen from 'yon ridge' is to send a squad over there and have a peek. Similarly, the CM commander can get a pretty good idea of what LOS is from a given point by putting the camera on top of the location in viewpoint 1 and looking around, but can't really know for sure how far into a nearby treeline he can see, etc. until he actually gets a unit on site.

So adding a 'go-anywhere' LOS tool would, in my opinion, allow the player to do too much of the advance scouting himself, rather than having his units do it.



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Agreed, you all have made some great points regarding LOS tool from places other that your unit.

However, it would be nice, using the same principal, to get a COT (circle of topography) if not directed from a selected unit. OK, you can scan over the map at the lowest detail to get "potential" LOS's. COT can only be used realistically of the higher views when your looking down. Using the standard map colour coordination (blue, green, brown yellow white, clever shading, mentioned before, etc), you could get a flavour of the hills. I know that there are no moutain ranges or great chasms in the battle maps, but it could be done, say a different color per metre.

I believe this is not an unrealistic feature, rather, its aids the camera, an allows the user to "see" depressions on the map enabling troops to navigate easier, rather than mousing along at the lowest level, looking all around, seeing if they can be spotted. If find that very time consuming.

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As I understand things, part of the reason such tools were left out was a design consideration. The player already has too much information avaliable given the god-like view and adjustable camera. Giving LOS circles and such out would just multiply this unnatural advantage.


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