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Originally posted by 76mm:

cassidy, I think that your Russian phrase is an altogether different obscenity...

Well...yeah...in a way.

Poshyol, poityi = go!, to go

na = at, on, to ...

hui = (this one is easiest to translate) a dick

po'shyol 'na hui

can be understood something like: "go to dick!" i.e. "go impale yourself on a dick" i.e. "f..ck you!"


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Von Churov's offering is excellent. Another possibility is:

Eb (pronounced roughly "Yup", meaning "screw!" or "fornicate!" - i.e., the "F" word)

Tvayu (pronounced roughly "tvaiyou", meaning "your")

Mat' (pronounced roughly "matd", meaning "mother")

Or: Eb tvau mat' = F-word your mother!

In my opinion this is slightly more insulting than telling some one to impale himself on a penis as, in the Russian order of things, violent sexual harm to one's self is bad, but the same thing to one's Mother is even worse.

OHH this is also something you say when something goes badly wrong, for instance hitting your thumb with a hammer. So if you want to insult some one by bringing his mother into it, look him the eye and pick up your chin a bit when you say the last word. Most Russians will fight under those circumstances, although they might make allowances for a foreigner.

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