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Fanatic Tanks?

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Is it possible for tanks to have fanatic crews in CMBB? I had a T-34 in a nice, key-holed, hull down position covering a road, occasionally exchanging fire with any vehicles that crested a second ridge some distance away. About twenty turns into the game my T-34 goes nuts and attemps a suicide charge, over the ridge and into the valley, getting blown away about seventy meters down the hillside. Though it was taking some moderate fire, I can't believe that it was "repositioning"; there was plenty of room to reverse into defilade if the crew felt threatened, and mostly wide open space in front of them. The tank had been in this position for more than a dozen turns, and had no orders to move.

So what gives? Did the crew become fanatic? Or can something else explain this behavior?

Is there ever a time when one would want a tank to become fanatic? Infantry not backing down can sometimes be very useful, but I can think of few times that I would want a tank to go charging forward on its own.

Also, can units even become fanatic part way into a game (as opposed to being determined at the start of a scenario)?

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