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Need some help...Gautrek's dusty Soviet truck CMMOS4

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I know this has been covered before but I need some help here, please. I did a search & couldn't find the thread. I'm "fixing" Gautrek's dusty Soviet truck. I can get the mod to appear no problem but I can't get the dusty truck with red stars on the sides ( I get just the dusty truck - no markings ). Could someone tell me exactly what I should type in the rule set for this mod to get the markings option to work. Please & thanks.

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Here is a cut and paste of Bruno Weiss' instructions for correcting the mod:

{The old vet looked down at the replacement with understanding as he remembered back to the first time he was startled to see prophylactics being used to protect rifle barrels from moisture}.

Okay, listen up!

First, unzip the file (Gautrek_dirty_Rus_Truck_CMMOS4.zip) located in the CMMOS Mods directory to a temporary directory. (Or, if you have not loaded it into CMMOS as yet, then unzip the original file same as above).

Now, look for a zip file named Rule001-590.ZIP that is contained within the zip file Gautrek_dirty_Rus_Truck_CMMOS4.zip, and unzip that file within the same temporary directory.

You should now have a file named "Rule001-590.txt". Open that file, (double-click on it, or better use Wordpad and open it).

In the "Rule001-590.txt" file, you will see the following:


#! Version 1.0

#! Name Gautrek's Russian truck

#! Files Vehicle_Truck_(Deuce).txt

#! Icon Truck_filthy.bmp

#! Key 13040_dirt.bmp

#! Options 2

## Tactical Marking with optional slogan

#@ Unmarked sides


#@ Russian star on sides plus dirty windows




Alright, you there in the back of the room. Pay attention! This is where we learn about conventions. No, not the Moose convention, naming conventions!

Okay, as you observe the contents of the file above, notice the word "dirt" is placed throughout the CMMOS instructions. This is a name convention (file name). It is the name that the author gave to the mod bmp file names. It tells CMMOS what to look for in the bmp files. Therefore, this set of instructions tells CMMOS to look for bmp files that match the number set listed, AND the prefix or convention word dirt.

This is where the problem resides. For those interested, note that the bmp files for the Gautrek Dirty Russian Truck are actually named with a convention of diirt. There is a conflict in naming conventions in this rule file. Meaning, CMMOS cannot locate any files named dirt, because in actuality they are named diirt.

Let's see, nearly time for a break. We can probably finish this first.

Now, in all instances above within the file Rule001-590.txt, where you see the word dirt, rename that word to diirt. There should be four instances in the above where you will rename the word dirt to diirt.

Close and save your changes.

Go into your CMMOS directory, and look for the CMMOS subdirectory named RuleSet001. Open that, and now look for file "Rule001-590.txt". Replace this file with the one you just fixed above. Poof! The Gautrek Dirty Russian Truck will now work within CMMOS.

If you want to go one step further and ensure that the actual Gautrek Dirty Russian Truck mod will always work, then re-zip the contents of the

Gautrek_dirty_Rus_Truck_CMMOS4.zip file switching the newly created Rule001-590.txt file with the original one, and if using Winzip, leaving the name of the original file as it. You have now replaced the offending file within the original mod zip so that you won't have to fix it again.

Either way, the object is to rename the incorrect conventions (file name), in the "Rule001-590.txt" file from dirt to diirt, and then place that new file into the RuleSet001 directory of the CMMOS application. You can also then replace that file in the original mod if you want to permanently fix the problem.

Alright recruits! Smoke em if you got em. Ten minutes! We'll begin the class on rifle barrel protection at 10am exactly.

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Thanks. I've gone a little CMMOS crazy. Must have done at least 5-6 mods yesterday ( complicated ones with a number of options ).

P.S. For anyone else who downloads this mod; make sure that all the bmps are named diirt instead of dirt, otherwise just fixing the Ruleset won't fix the mod. I opened it up & found that a couple of them had dirt where the rest were named diirt .

[ May 22, 2003, 11:43 PM: Message edited by: Rob Murray ]

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