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Is it possible for BTS to write a program, separate from the main game program, that could be used to view a CM object without having to load up the main game? My reasoning is that this tool could be invoked from a ModManager type program to allow new bitmaps to be viewed before selecting them into the main bitmap folder.

It could also be used by modders to see progress of their work, again without having to load the main game.


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Originally posted by KiloIndiaAlpha:


He he he... tongue.gif I know how irritating it is when nobody dare to post at your topic !! LOL

About your request : I think it is almost impossible. BFC is now completelly involved in the realisation of CMAK and CMx2... ...no time for CMBB even for a little patch :mad:

Anyway, if you are a modder, I could suggest you a little tip. In order to visualise your mods in progress in CMBB, just open the editor and switch between Photoshop and CMBB. Each time you will launch a preview, the engine will reload the graphic datas.

For example : you're in a battle preview in CMBB, looking at your T34. Something is wrong in your mod. Exit from the preview and switch to Photoshop (alt-tab). Then, open the file you want to change in your tank. Do the modification, save it and close it (it must be in the BMP folder of the game !). Then re-switch to the editor and re-launch a preview of the map. Your T34 looks different now ! Magic :eek:

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If you're on a Mac load in a LoRes Grass & create a scenario containing only the Unit you're wourking on. It shows up in full HiRes on my system (Radeon 7000). Also, if you go to a more 'crowded' scenario to check it against other Units then switch back it remains at whatever level of Resolution it went to to accomodate all the other Textures. You have to quit CM & restart it to get back to the 'HiRes' effect.


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