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CMBB Ladder for TCPers?

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I really miss the fun I had playing some ladder

games at Tournament House. Some opponents there

were really strong players (some others were really gamey though :rolleyes: )

and taught me most things I know about CM. Sadly

a problem with the chat room rendered the site

out of function since last summer.

Being mostly a TCP player I don't play many games

on the internet except these with my friends. I have played some games with opponents via the CMHQ chat too, but there's little fun playing with a perfect stranger who can quit the game

halfways with no warning. At least in a ladder

you can know your opponent and playing with

a chess ranking system can be really challenging.

BoB is a great ladder club but from what I have realised it is mainly for PBEM which isn't my favourite way to enjoy CMBB. So, is there any chance we can see some new CMBB ladder in the near future or am I waiting in vain for

something to ressurect my interest for online playing? :(

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Panzermartin, one good place to get a tcp ladder game is polish ladder cmbb/cmbo site: http://cmhq.gry-online.pl/liga_cmbb.php

(these are current cmbb standings and I`m IMBRAM).

It is in polish but most of players speak english. You should register to a ladder and than you can challenge players into either ladder game or sparing. There is a window where you advertise and choose online opponent. Most of the players use local messanger soft gadu-gadu (#gg) but you can communicate by e-mail too.

Some guys are gamey (watch out for the leaders!) as elsewhere but I`m trying with moderator to eliminate gameyness in ladder games in future.

BTW I`m thinking of joining BoB so if you are in and willing to sponsor me, please let me know.

regards! hon

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You could try the opponent finder forum at The Proving Grounds. (link in sig)

There are over 100 CMBO / CMBB players currently registered and looking for TCP or PBEM games.

You can search the profiles to find those interested in TCP.

It's NOT a player ladder but I'm sure you'll find some decent reliable opponents on the site. Nothing to lose by giving it a look ;)

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