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Bogdan's mods now uploaded at Cmmods.com

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Hello Gentlemen,

I finally re-uploaded some of my mods at Cmmods.com !

Here is the list :


  • StuG III (winter and summer version)</font>
  • Early Panther A (winter and summer version)</font>
  • King Tiger "Anneliese" (winter version)</font>
  • King Tiger "Charging Knight" (summer version)</font>
  • Brown mottled early Panzer IV ausf.G</font>
  • Brown mottled early Marder III</font>
  • "from scratch" Jagdtiger (PSD files)</font>
  • Dunkelgelb Jagdtiger</font>
"From scratch" Jagdtiger AT LAST redface.gif This work was done in August...Ahem... :rolleyes:

Some mods are still missing :

  • Dunkelgelb Jagdpanther</font>
  • Early Marder II (winter and summer version)</font>

I plan to re-upload them in the next few days. I don't plan to upload my "from scratch" JagdPanther, since Zimorodok has made a very nice "Modder's series" Zip-file.

What's next (not in order) :


  • Early Tiger I grey (winter and summer version)</font>
  • Early Tiger I yellow (winter and summer version)</font>
  • Panther A (winter and summer version)</font>

As you may know, I already done an early grey Tiger I (winter and summer), but it was one of my very first stuff and I'm not very satisfied about it. So, why not doing this panzer again ?

Ok ! I think that's all smile.gif

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  • 4 months later...

Unfortunatelly not. :(

However, I have released a plain yellow mod for this beast and also a set of Photoshop files for modders. Feel free to mod it if you want to.

I don't remember if Zimorodok had transformed this set into a "Modder's serie" pack for Paint Shop Pro users. He did some camo schemes for the Jagdpanther, including a "Modder's serie" set, but nothing about the Jagdtiger, IIRC.

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