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okee ill make this as short as i can smile.gif

On April 12th 2006 we ordered a copy of SC2, and ive played off and on ever since. last october my computer crashed, and wasnt fixable. i installed SC2 on my moms computer and it worked, but then in november, my moms computer crashed as well. we finally got it running again in late december.

a few minutes ago after finding my license key, i installed SC2 again on my moms computer, since i still dont have a new one. then i tried to license it and it presented me with this =


obviously this is a bit upsetting

what is the solution? and can someone point me in the right direction?

and obviously ill want to install it on my new computer once i get it, which will be soon

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My problem is that i can not reïnstall the game again (also after getting a new pc)

The key i got with bying the game doesnt work anymore. errorcode 11

It sais there are no licences currently available for this license key.

You have installed all of the licenses for this product to which you are entitled.

If you need additional licenses, you will need to contact the publisher or vendor store you purchased this product from (i ordered it online on this site), or you will need to puchase another copy.

I dont intend to do the last. I guess one can understand why one wouldnt.

I think its a good thing protecting a game to ckackers, but its another thing if that protection costs the buyer his playing fun.

I was thinking not to spend time on this, and just not to reïnstall the game, but then again it would be very wrong to not be able to play my own game i payed with my own money.

also the offline license generator wont help:

Error Occured:

All licenses are currently in-use or none remain.

Is there any way i can still play this game?

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