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Flags mess up in global campaign

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If you are using the English language version of SC 2 Blitzkrieg, a quick but effective solution would be to go to cmmods.com, register, go to the SC 2 Campaigns section, click on Newest Camps, and then download and install a mod called SC 2 Authentic Flag Mod. This is a mod for SC 2 Blitzkrieg and not SC 2 WaW, and is not to be confused with the Authentic Flag Mod, which only works on SC 2 WaW.

The advantage to using these mods to try to fix your problem is that they effect all of the flag sprites in the game, but only the flag sprites.

If your problem was caused by having experimented with other mods that aren't properly organized for the 1.08 patch, this will fix your problem.

If the problem comes from something more fundamental, this will become immediately clear, because you will continue to get the wrong flags in the wrong countries. If that happens, I would suggest installing everything all over again in case something has become corrupted.

I do not know how compatible the US version of the patch is with European versions. That might be part of the problem (if you have a European version I would imagine you should patch it with a European patch). But the first mod I mentioned might even have a beneficial effect.

Please post what happens, and someone from Fury or Battlefront will be along soon to comment on this.

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Originally posted by Philippe:

What form of the game are you talking about? European or American version ? CD or Download? And what exactly do you mean when you say the download from cmmods didn't work? And are you sure you downloaded the right mod?

I have the SC2 download version from BF with the Patch 1.05 applied.
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Originally posted by winkelried:

After installing 1.08 i have a mess with the nations/flags in the global campaign - france shows ukrainian (?) and japan shows french flags. what can i do here?

In the folder for the new campaign you've made, you'll need to copy 2 files over from the Global scenario's folder. They are:



This should fix it for you.

You'll also need to copy over these two folders as they contain the images specifically used by the Global Scenario:



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