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patch problem

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Hey guys, sorry to hear about the trouble. I've just retested the patch and am unable to repeat this.

Question for you guys, can you tell me which file mirror you used to download the patch from as I wonder if one of the mirrors is corrupted.

For example I just downloaded from Internode and it seemed to work as expected on my end.

Anyone else having this issue? Additionally, can anyone confirm the patch downloaded and installed correctly?

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I have pretty much the same error (tried both download mirrors - they don´t seem to be the problem) - perhaps you can test if switching your desktop resolution helps to narrow down the error.

I wanted to play SC2 v1.07 in 1280x1024 (like I do in v1.06) which didnt work (either crash/freezing or directx error when clicking on the first unit) while my desktop was set at 1024x768 (SC2 v1.07 in 1024x768 worked).

After I changed my desktop resolution to 1280x1024 it worked also in SC2 with 1280x1024 (but that is not the optimal solution as it is a bit inconvinient having to change desktop resolution every time you want to play and again after SC2 is closed ;) ).

[ September 16, 2007, 07:38 AM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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I have also problems with 1.07. (directx error when clicking on the first unit) My desktop resolution and SC2 resolution are the same (1600x1200). I uninstalled the game, then reinstalled from CD and applied 1.06 patch and after that it played fine again. I noticed the same error with the unpatched CD-version which was 1.02. (Windows Vista Home Premium, NVidia 8800GTX, Intel quadcore QX6700, 2 GB system memory)

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