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I have this problem with Vista and e-mail games in SC2. When i download them to MP e-mail saves I can't find the file. there is a button on the folder that say's compatibility, when I click on button i'll see my saves but the game exe. won't show them on MP saves. i've set the exe. compatability to XP but I still can't get the game to see the sav's.

This by all means is a real pain since I've upgraded to VISTA. (sorry no go backs, XP disc is toast).


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Hi Wburn,

I don't think this is actually a Vista issue... can you confirm you and your opponent are both running the latest version of SC2, i.e. v1.06?

This can be confirmed in the bottom right hand corner of the MAIN MENU screen.

I only ask as it is possible the saved games are not showing up if they are from an older version of SC2.

Also, just to double check, are you saving them to the Multiplayer\E-Mail directory?


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Thanks Edwin and Hubert,

Was just returning to say that I'd solved the problem by doing just that a moment or two ago. Just goes to show ....updating to Vista without actually understanding how it works properly can be a right pain. Ah well time to open the Vista manual and working out how to enable the desktop icon.

Many thanks all


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