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0x8007007e , then nothing happen

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:mad: Please accept my apologize for grammar and ortho. mistakes, english is not my first language.

First, thanks for the support because e-mail answer were/are still very quick, but no succes so far. My computer is only a month old.

Can anyone here run the game on Vista?

(Yes I installed 1.06)

Maybe it is because of one of these hardware?

GeForceNvidia 8800 GTS

Intel Core cpu 6600 @2.4ghz

I have tried everything, (5-6 hours yesterday) and 3 more hours this evening, reading, reading, disable firewall, anti virus etc...

Trying all the DEP settings, rebooting, reinstaling.... Run as Admin... Turn UAC on and off, have tried lot's of different combo, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING AND STILL CANT PLAY.

The demo is working fine and I am pretty sure that the game is not working because of that crapy license thing.

What is that elicense anyway?

Helping your e-business grow?? Yeah right, their website should read: HELPING YOUR E-BUSINESS REPUTATION TAKING A NOSE DIVE!!!

I am an honest person, I bought 3 copy of the first Strategic Command 2 or 3 years ago (1 for me, 2 for my friends) when there was no license required.

Instead, I could have buy only 1, burn 2 copy and send them to my friends, but no, I don't do things like that.

There has to be a better company out there with a more stable way of dealing with licenses.

Anyway, my 2 questions here;

1: Any of you had the same problem? If yes, how did you fixed it? (I have read everything in the post "elicense Please read this before post", but nothing worked)

2: Can I pay you guys (battlefront) up to 150$ for a working copy? That is how much I am ready to pay to play this game, I just want to play.

I don't care of paying more money, as long as I play and don't lose hours trying to make something that is suppose to work, ......work.

Thanks for any help.

Ian :mad:

Oh yeah, the error message that apear when trying to load the game is:

Failed(make): 0x8007007e The specified module could not be found.

I search the net about this windows error msg, I have tried step 1 and step 3 of this article


but nothing seems wrong,

I then tried those DEP settings, the only succes is that when SC2 and EDITOR are check, the error message doesn't apear anymore, but nothing happen when I launch the game. If ever I change the DEP settings to where they were, or adding the runservice, the error message will reapear.

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I've got SC2 1.06 running here on Vista Ultimate 64 bit and a 8800 gtx without any problems :(

I've had a few problems in the past though with various games. Some things you might wanna check:

- Download the latest DirectX 9.0c April edition

- Download the previous version of your videocard drivers(downgrade)

- Download the latest version of your drivers (ForceWare 165.01 x64 Vista atm)

- Install Windows .NET 1.1 (vista only has 3.0)

Good luck with your problem smile.gif

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Ian, sorry to hear about the trouble although off hand from the description of your error I don't think it is related to the eLicense system.

To resolve the issue I would try a couple of things... first make sure that the file 'dx7vb.dll' is in fact located in your SC2 installation directory as that will tell us if you have the latest version installed. If not you will have to either download the latest patch and apply it to the game.

At this point, if you do in fact have the 'dx7vb.dll' file in the SC2 installation directory I would ask you to launch the game under an Administrator log in (for the first run) or at least "Run as an Administrator" by right clicking the EXE or shortcut to the game and selecting the "Run As an Administrator" option. Note, if you are not currently logged in as an Administrator it will ask you for the appropriate Administrator Username and Password.

After that the game should register the 'dx7vb.dll' file and it will run smoothly after that.

Hope this helps,


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Hi, yes I do have that dx7b.dll file in my installation folder. I re tried again to right click, run as admin, but still nothing is happening. The first time i right click and run as admin, the orange light on my computer is working like the game will load, but after waiting and waiting, nothing happen. If i right click again, run as admin, the orange light wont blink anymore. Until I reboot, which the first time I right click, the orange light blink, any other times nothing happen.

I installed my latest video card driver, that directx9 april edition and that windows NET 1.1 edition. It didn't change anything about the game.

Why the demo is working fine but not the game????

Can we have support by phone instead?

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I am pretty sure that this is a elicense issue.

I have been trying to find elicensecontrol on my computer, but no info is available about elicense and Windows Vista, either here, or on their website. (Since how long Vista exist?)

I call their support and its busy, will re try all night.

Now when I uninstall, it doesn't ask me to unlicense anymore, same as when I re install, it doesn't ask me to license anymore.

I can't find elicense control in Vista but I can see the LicCtrlService in the tab services in Windows task manager.

I need a phone support, because by e-mail it is going to take 40+days, as it could only take 15 minutes on the phone.

Why you guys didn't choose a license way like Battlefield2 ? Hearts of Iron2 ? or any other game?

Anyway hopefully I can get phone support soon.

Reading and reading on this for a third night in a row.

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Vista is one big mess as it is now with all the user security measures :( It's called User Account Control(UAC). The first thing I did after installing Vista was ripping all that crap out. There should be some tutorials on the net on how to do that.

I'm not sure if you're comfortable with that, but a nice bonus is that it also removed the necessity to press "ok" 3x when deleting files ;) Up till that point Vista was really driving me crazy.

On a sidenote, I can recommend disabling "SuperFetch" also if you play games regularly.

Anyway I hope your issue get's resolved. I don't know if there's any phone support, but Hubert is usually very fast with e-mail response.

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I lift my hat to Hubert and Martin, e-mail was becoming almost an instant messenger!!!

Very great support. (Do these guy sleep?)

I think the result of the last thing they asked me to do will give them an idea of what is the cause of the problem.

Yeah, I dont like Vista so far:)

Maybe one of my files is corrupt or has been missing because of a trojan or virus.

My apologize about complaining in general in my previous post. I kind of became in a childish phase, all that for a game, while it is probably my computer that is missing a file.

A big thanks to Hubbert and Martin.

And you guys that reply as well:)

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Teabag - I have a simple suggestion that other gamers have done. Simply re install your computer with windows XP. Anyone who still plays the Rise of Rome game will have found that it cannot be played on Vista so when I bought a new computer last week, I insisted on win XP, and then I got it for a cheaper price

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I don't know if Teabag fixed his problem or not but I had the same exact problem where I could play the demo then after purchasing the real thing it was giving me the error ((Failed(make): 0x8007007e The specified module could not be found)) I tried everything from re-install, re-boot, changing permissions, run as administrator etc. etc. Then I figured well the demo worked so I would reinstall it and maybe switch files around or who knows I just wanted to play...After I reinstalled the demo and it worked I figured try running the full version again and to my surprise it ran fine. So I thought I let you know what happened in case someone else was having the same problems. But it seems as long as I have the demo and full version installed the full version runs. If I get rid of the demo, the full version gives me the error again. weird.... Love the game and look forward to the expansion..

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