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Help - German 1.06 Patch Problem

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I bought the german retail Strategic Command 2 version from mostwantedgames.

The german 1.06 Patch seems buggy, my whole SC gets pink with it redface.gif

Here an example: ohnetitel1kopiecm6.jpg

Since the english patch is about 10 mb larger where there maybe forgotten some graphic files?

Or is this a driver problem on my side?

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The german patch is supposed to be smaller.

This seems to be a driver problem though from the looks of it, not some files missing.

Try updating your videocard drivers, and also your directx to the feb 2007 edition of 9.0c.

You can get that one here.


For drivers i can recomment guru3d.com, they have the latest available in many versions.

The correct forum for technical stuff is at the bottom btw ;)


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Thanks n0kn0k.

Unfortunately it didn't help much, now i get this error message after installing the suggested directx dl + the new ati drivers:

"[02/24/2007 3:53:59; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x16(0); v1.06] DIRECTX FAILED(draw_sprite_array): dderr_surfacelost"

And apologies, i didn't notice that there is a tech support forum for SC 1+2, i totally overlooked it.

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Sorry to hear about the trouble guys... we made a slight change for Vista compatibility and it appeared to work without a hitch prior to release (we had it tested on at least 20 different machines covering Vista and XP).

There are a few things you can try:

* If the new ATI drivers don't seem to work I would suggest rolling back to your previous driver since you were at least not receiving any DirectX errors. I did hear a report of at least one system where the ATI Catalyst 7.2 driver didn't work but 7.1 did... not sure if it applies but if it is the same driver then there might be a fault with the 7.2 version provided by ATI

* Try running the game in XP (if running on Vista) or Windows 98 compatibility mode. This can be set by right clicking on your desktop shortcut for SC2 and selecting 'Properties'. Select the 'Compatibility' tab and from there it should be pretty straight forward.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks and like I mentioned in the other thread I really don't like it when things don't go according to plan for the customer so consider this fixed officially very soon.

In the meantime it looks like I have a temporary fix available until a new patch adjustment is ready... if you send me an e-mail at support@furysoftware.com I can provide you with the details. Actually same for anyone else with this problem.


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