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England Surrender Segmentation Violation

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What happened is my Allied opponent decided to go all Egypt and with exception of one corp in London abandoned the Home Island entirely, which btw I consider totally gamey. So, IMO one gamey move deserved another, and I took the other two English cities but not London, and eventually totally surrounded London so he couldn’t place units. We fought toe-toe in Egypt but I eventually wore him down with the help of 5 Luftwaffe, as he couldn’t place any units and I guess decided not to bother placing units in London or he couldn’t, maybe with all those German units around, I ‘m not sure.

Anyway, here’s the point of the post. In the same turn I occupied both London and Alexandria and ended my turn. Then a pop-up said, “English Government moves to Alexandria.” Then it did a segmentation violation and the game totally crashed and kicked me back to the desktop.

So, I guess you need to fix this.


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