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Suez loop

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Hopefully still in time for 1.05 if not fixed already... smile.gif :

When playing with hard unit limits, units that will be sent via the Suez loop to Egypt or vice versa, are treated as if they would not exist while beeing in the loop. I.e. USA (or UK) can exceed the build limit by replacing them.

So when they appear this means they have the additional units - works similar as e.g. the siberian unit script, then the units overbuilt will be shown by a minus sign.

For the scripts this is ok since it is not clear if and when they are activated - but for Suez loop this better should be changed so they are still acounted for.

[ October 24, 2006, 02:22 AM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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This loop strategy will of course be subject of debate, but IMO I'm not certain that it should be eliminated. Possibly modified, but I like the fact that the US/Allies can go the other way regardless.

The main risk I see is it possibly unbalances the game in favor of the Allies, but Terif could probably respond to this better. My guess is that fully entrenched units in Axexandria and the environs make it more difficult to exploit this, and that Hellraiser was the unfortunate first victim of the strategy. That would draw Axis units from other fronts, which is the cost to the Axis. Perhaps there could be the equivalent of a US Home Guard activated around the Suez, maybe like the Commonwealth units the UK receives.

But I repeat, IMO this should be allowed, its just a matter of balancing structure.

Terif of course could better address this.


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Hmm, I guess you picked the wrong thread smile.gif .

Using the loop to open another front in the med is not the subject here.

The problem is that with the bug that the game doesn´t count units in the loop for the unit limit. I.e. USA is e.g. not limited to 6 armies any more, but can buy unlimited numbers by just sending its units via the loop (at least nearly ;) ..30+).

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