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Egypt Observations

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In my game with Sombra, me Allied, I was able to buy back a destroyed UK, Mid East corp for 60 mpps, was that supposed to be corrected? I thought one change in 1.01/1.02 was that if a unit was lost in Egypt it couldn't be bought back for 60%, but maybe I read the updates wrong.

And as long as we’re on Egypt, in another game my Axis opponent never left Tobruk, but I was attacking him relentlessly and eventually also took the Italian city to the west after some back-and-forth around that city, but no Italian unit ever went east of Tobruk, although an Italian navy ship may have early on. And then lo-and-behold, one turn my Commonwealth HQ and a Commonwealth corp showed up in Amman. Was that supposed to happen? I thought the trigger was the Axis approaching Alexandria?


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