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System Hanging

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I've got an IBM Thinkpad running Windows XP. Over the past few days my system has started hanging everytime I run SC. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes longer. But, it is happening more frequently. In the middle of a move or attack, the system will freeze. The only option is to turn the computer off and restart.

Any idea as to what is causing this?

Reid (a.k.a. Oak)

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Hi Reid,

Unfortunately, there are a few systems out there that don't seem to like SC for some reason. It has not been an issue that I can repeat on any of my systems I'm running so it's very difficult to track down and identify.

Either way if you could try to download all the latest patches and let me know what kind of game you were playing, whether it was AI or a specific kind of multiplayer that might help me narrow it down.


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The problem started to appear only when I played SC ... hence my enquiry. However, it quickly started getting worse and reached the point where the PC would even hang in the middle of booting up. I sent the PC into the shop and it turned out to be a faulty system board, which they replaced.

So, it was a hardware problem rather than a problem with SC.


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