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bug with a pbem v.1.07

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i recently patched it up to 1.07 and we played a few turns but thern i got the save that i can't load..

it asks me for password and i enter it

immediately after a small black dos window shows up and it runs something fast through it and kicks me back to windows (win 98se)

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As there was a similar issue reported in another thread I'm going to guess it may be the same problem.

The problem was that the PBEM file was set to 'read-only'. My guess is that this was caused by either e-mail program as they may be automatically doing this to protect users from potentially malicious files. In this case I suggest zipping the PBEM files before sending as it usually eliminates 99% of these problems.

Hope this helps,


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i am apparently the "carrier" in the two BLACKOUT cases you mention!

my guess is it occurs when i zip the pbem file from a re-writable disc. does this sound plausible?. i work between 2 pc's.

i have no automatic zips involved with the e-mail, so if it is on the outgoing end (mine) it must be this.

the game mess-up with xediel happened when i forgot to zip before putting the pbem to disc, and then i created a winzip file from the .sav on the disc. all the other turns were ok, but that one messed up.

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