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Possible Bug, 3 Russian Capital System?

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In a game I have going, my opponent, as the Axis, has taken Moscow, and my capital moved to the Urals. I've retreated south toward the Caucusses, and north to the Urals. He touched the east side of the map below the Urals last turn, which prevented me from placing units in the Caucusses unless I sent a unit out and "reconnected" with the south. Once I did this, I could place units in the south again.

The 1.06 version changes state:

>added three city supply system in the USSR, so Moscow, Sverdlovsk and Stalingrad can

all be central supply areas to eliminate gamey encirclement but no capture of Moscow<

My read of "all" in the above statement is that if one capital is captured or surrounded, the other two can continue to function as full capitals. Ergo, if one of the remaining two is captured or surrounded, then the last one should be able to function as a full capital.

In the game I have going my opponent temporarily "surrounded" my Urals capital by touching the east side of the board, resulting in a "gamey" inability to place units in the south. But my interpretation is I should be able place units in the North or South, as both remaining capitals should allow that ability.

Please let me know if my interpretation is correct, and we have a bug, or if I'm incorrect, and the German does the strategic ability to take Moscow, then cut the board in half, denying Russia the Caucusses, as I believe the capital always moves to the Urals if Moscow falls.



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I'm guessing when you say to place units you mean from purchases etc., this is still not possible under the three capital supply system. The three cities do not act as regular capitals per se, but rather as 3 central supply locations. What this did is to ensure that once a capital is surrounded that all remaining cities drop in half in terms of supply/efficiency value. This was supposed to help in giving the USSR a bit of a better fighting chance so that it would maintain most of it's remaining MPP's and units would be in good supply for counter attacks etc. In order to still be able to place units you will have to reconnect or smash the encirclement. The idea was to help the USSR a bit in this situation but to still maintain a slight penalty for having your capital cutoff etc.


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