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Socket Expired.

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Having a problem with the TCP/IP function.

One machine is directly on a cable modem with a routable internet address. My machine sits behind a Linksys Cable/DSL router as described in the readme. I forwarded 6530 TCP to my machine and put the game up.

I saw him try to connect.. he saw his machine trying to connect.. I was able to start messing around in the game, and then a Socket Expired error comes up. He never actually gets in.

It seems that we have a perfect scenario according to the TCP/IP instructions.. can you tell me where I am going wrong.

My computer does use a 192.168.x.x strategy internally.. but I am forwarding 6530 to the correct machine.


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Looks like you have done the correct procedure to forward the port 6530, not sure about the socket expired error though, it appears that your computers have connected properly but that somewhere along the lines data packets could not be sent, there is a default timeout of 20 seconds whereby if either side does not receive any data packets upon connection then you will receive a socket expired error.

Either way sounds like you have it working now and glad to hear about that!


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